What is Song Kong ?

SongKong is a music organization and tagger application designed to simplify the task of managing your digital music collection. SongKong is an easy-to-use application that can be used to to match your songs from online databases and updates your songs with the correct information from these databases, including artwork. SongKong can even match songs that have no metadata using audio fingerprinting. SongKong can reorganize and rename your songs based on this information, additionally if you use iTunes this is updated as well.

SongKong OSX Screenshot

Why Use Song Kong ?

If you are like most collectors of digital music, your collection has likely grown over time, gathered from a variety of different sources. There are likely some discrepancies among your music collection, whether it is missing artist information or album art, multiple copies of the same song, or inconsistently or unnamed audio files. SongKong has been designed to resolve all of these issues.

Music metadata is the information embedded in your audio files and used by a wide variety of devices (mobile phones, mp3 players, etc.) and apps to identify your music. This includes information such as song title, band or artist name, the album the song comes from, album track number, the type of music (also known as genre), the year the song was released and much, much more. SongKong adds this information to your music collection.


-> Matches your music to online music databases MusicBrainz and Discogs
-> Adds artwork from the Cover Art Archive
-> Reorganize your music using a naming convention you choose
-> Delete duplicate copies of files
-> Stores all changes in a database so you can reverse them at a later date.
-> Creates a detailed report show exactly what has been changed
-> Can inform iTunes of all modifications

How does SongKong work ?

To use SongKong, you simply have to select the music folder you would like to have reorganized and tagged and then select the option Fix Songs. SongKong then matches the selected music to online music databases MusicBrainz and Discogs, tagging your songs and adding artwork.

There is no limit to the number of songs you can update at one time.

Once your songs have been updated a detailed report is generated detailing all the changes that SongKong has made.

If SongKong has changed your files and you don't like the results, you can revert the song changes at any time. All changes are stored in SongKong's internal database so simply start SongKong and select the folder (or sub folder) you modified and select Undo Changes Made .

You can also set a SongKong Watch Folder and automatically fix songs added to that folder.

SongKong can also easily find duplicate songs in your collection with the Delete Duplicate Songs feature.

SongKong is available for OSX, Windows and Linux.

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